Writing and Communication Program

LMC 3403: Technical Communication

School of Literature, Media, and Communication

Georgia Institute of Technology

Summer  2016

Ever try to explain a project you are working on in your major to someone only to be met with blank stares and a confused expression? Professionals frequently face this problem, because they have to explain highly technical information to an audience, which has varying ranges of expertise in the subject. In this LMC 3403 course, students will use the industry of serious gaming to examine real world examples of technical communication in order to assess the importance of audience and rhetorical context (scene, problem, argument, purpose).  Students will then produce their own technical communication deliverables (artifacts) according to the WOVEN  (Writing, Oral, Visual, Electronic, and Non-Verbal) principles of the program.


Serious gaming is a growing billon dollar market consisting of the production of games designed to help people learn or respond to a problem, such as poverty, driving, or war (as examples).  The industry merges fun and real world issues to help create change.  In this course, we will be using this industry as the basis for learning technical communication by creating our own game concepts.  We will need to develop our game concepts in order to best explain our ideas to other people.  The better we are able to describe the game, explain its merits, instruct on how to play the game, and discuss how best to market or manufacture the game, the more likely we will be able to persuade investors and build an audience for our work.