The Game Demo

On Monday, July 25, you and your group will present your game. You will need to prepare a one to three minute pitch, in which you will introduce your game to a room full of potential players and investors. The demo needs to be organized, planned, and provide a description of the game: its narrative, its benefits, its gameplay, and the motives for playing.

  1. Demo
  2. Completed Professional and Well Design Game
  3. Game Sheets Revised and Professional (make a game booklet to accompany your game).


The Final

5 parts based by what we have studied:

  1. Rhetorical Analysis (invention- serious gaming, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery)
  2. Design/ Design Characteristics
    • Deliverable¬†Design
    • Web Design
  3. Style
    • Grammar/Mechanics
    • Tone
    • Business/Technical Communication conventions
  4. Usability
  5. Genre (email, memo, infographic, web design analysis, usability report, instructions, specification sheet, and process map)

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