Group Contract

5%       Game Invention Documents

5%       Web Analysis

5%       Instruction and Process Manuals

10%     Infographic

10%     Game Pitch Video

10%     Usability Report

15%     Participation

Prepared (have textbooks and materials), Taking Notes, Daily Mini Assignments, Contribute to Class Discussion)

20%     Serious Game Report

20%     Final

Will require an in-depth understanding of material discussed in class and will be based on daily mini assignments and major assignments.

All assignments have an accompanying rubric and all of these rubrics are based on the Writing and Communication Center’s Technical Communication Rubric found here (Link).

What does the letter grade mean?

Grade Meaning Bottom Line
A An A document is excellent work. The audience analysis is insightful, the topic precise, the organization clear and logical. The document contains sufficient detail; the information is accurate, timely, clear and comprehensive. The writing is excellent: well- developed paragraphs, concise sentences, precise word choices. The document is complemented by appropriate, clear, correct, and honest graphics. Your supervisor would be impressed and would pass the document along to his or her supervisors (or the client) without revision.
B A B document is good work. It might have almost all the virtues of the A document, but one or more of the elements is missing. For instance, persistent spelling errors could reduce an A document to a B. Unprofessional design, ineffective paragraphing, awkward sentences—any of these problems could account for the grade of B. Your supervisor would appreciate your work but would want to have the document revised before passing it along.
C A C document is satisfactory work. Although the document satisfies the requirements of the assignment, it is significantly flawed. Usually, two, three, or more problems make it difficult to read or to understand or prevent it from fulfilling its purpose. For instance, a proposal that lacks a project schedule and a list of works cited would receive a C even if the writing is excellent. Your supervisor would be somewhat disappointed with the document and would want it revised significantly before passing it along. In addition, the supervisor would begin to doubt your ability to complete similar assignments independently.
D A D document is unsatisfactory. Although some aspects of the document might be well done, there are numerous or significant problems with its conception or execution. Your supervisor would have another employee re-do the document. In addition, your supervisor would question your basic competence and suitable for your position. Performance evaluations would reflect this doubt.
F An F document is failing work. It is submitted late, it does not respond to the reader’s needs, it is extremely difficult to read, or it is unprofessional in appearance or writing quality. Fired.